Musician and Artist Features

Joel Plaskett

The Rising Tide 2019 headliner is Canadian favourite Joel Plaskett. This multiple-JUNO-award-winning songwriter has sold out clubs and concert halls from one side of the country to the other and been on the Polaris Music Prize Short list multiple times. Catch him on the main stage at 5:10 pm on Saturday. |

Erin Costelo Trio

“Erin Costelo mines the truth – through writing, arranging, producing and masterful live performance. With a voice unlike any other in Canada she has the ability to successfully float between genres and stages, her unwavering vision continuously offering the best sound and voice to a feeling, idea or story” – from the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) website. Catch the Erin Costelo Trio on the main stage at 4:00 pm on Sunday, and at the Molly Kool Women in Song Event at 7:30 pm on Sunday |

Chloé Breault

Singer-songwriter Chloé Breault has her roots in the village of Bertrand on the Acadian Peninsula. Passionate about music from a young age, her unique style sways from folk, to pop, and back, with a hint of country. Catch her on the main stage at 12:30 pm on Sunday. |

Shaun Ferguson

Through his modern, free and transcendent instrumental music, guitarist and composer Shaun Fergusson captivates his audience with soaring songs that enchant both music enthusiasts and less-experienced spectators. Born and raised in the Acadian Peninsula, located in northeastern New Brunswick (Canada), he has been navigating and exploring various musical fields for nearly twenty years.” – from the ECMA website. Catch the Shaun Ferguson Trio on the main stage at 1:40 pm on Saturday. |

McKinley, Morrison & Williams

Born from creativity and a lust to be free in music, Josh McKinley (Saint John), John Morrison (Saint John) and Darrell Williams (New York) have brought their musical tastes together to form a completely original sound that is sonically comparable to Jazz, Latin, World, Funk and Fusion. This forging of talent and players has opened up a side of music that is exciting and fresh, mixing sounds of the past with sounds of the present. Catch them on the main stage at 2:50 pm on Saturday. |

Furlong & Smith

Furlong & Smith are an acoustic Blues act from the Moncton area. Travis Furlong and DC Smith, both accomplished blues musicians with years of experience behind them, had been toying with the idea for quite some time after years of playing in bands. The CD “Blues You Can Use” was created with the intent to try and capture that raw blues sound from the early recording days, when a studio consisted of one microphone, no over dubbing, and no multitracking. Catch this duo on the main stage at 1:40 pm on Sunday. |

Rachel Beck

Rachel Beck is a singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Ilsand already making her mark on the national scene with a hit debut release. Her hook-driven, emotive piano pop melodies captivate. And whether you see her live, hear her on the radio, or press play on one of her songs, the experience is just as impactful: you are not only brought under her vocal spell, but are an instant fan. Catch the Rachel Beck Trio on the main stage at pm on Saturday and at the Songwriters Circle (Molly Kool Heritage Centre) at 7:3pm on Saturday. |

Ladd & Lasses

Ladd & Lasses is a three-piece chamber folk band from Saint John, NB. Hilary Ladd (singer/songwriter/guitar), Katie Bestvater (cello), and Danielle Girard (violin), each let their classical backgrounds shine through their collaborative arrangements of Ladd’s songs. Their sets will have you swell with emotion while their stories strike familiar chords. Prepare to be swept away, chuckle, and maybe even shed a few tears. Catch them on the main stage at 2:50 pm on Saturday. |

Isaac & Blewett with the Good Gravy

From their rural perch on the Fundy shore near Alma, this duo has stretched their sonic palette. Eastern scales and melody, Tim Isaac’s wah-wah fueled atmospheric cello, and the guitar/banjo mantra of Jim Blewett all manifest themselves in their soulful and raw music. Determined not to be restricted by labels, they’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for innovative music, eclectic performances, and honest songwriting. Originally known as an acoustic blues act, they have broadened their sound, spinning out into new and exciting musical territory. Catch them on the main stage at 2:50 pm on Saturday.

East Coast Brass

With a mixed style of classical, jazz, pop and new compositions. East Coast Brass is sure to be a great show. Their performances are always entertaining and engaging! Catch them at 7:30 pm on Aug. 13 at the Art Café (5905 King St.) in Riverside-Albert. |

Jason Haywood

Be immersed in Jason Haywood’s latest album Folklore at Rising Tide 2019! “Like a good book you can’t put down, Haywood’s vividly painted lyrics make it remarkably easy to be drawn into the world of the album’s characters. This record is proof positive that the storyteller suit is one Haywood wears impeccably well,” Ken Kelley, The MusicNerd Chronicles. Catch him at 7:30 pm on Aug. 14 at the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape. |

The Hypochondriacs

Like Frankenstein’s monster drunk on whiskey sours, the Hypochondriacs resurrect classic country vibes with a strange and modern twist. Weaving together the emotional balladry of country legends like Hank Williams and George Jones with the high-octane stage presence of Memphis rockabilly and undercoated with the saccharine sounds of ’50s doo-wop, it’s a sound that’s at once familiar and refreshing. Catch them at 7:30 pm on Aug. 15 at Parkindale Hall in Elgin. |

Mi’kmaq Legends

Mi’kmaq Legends is a multi-media theatrical experience that combines the artistic disciplines of poetry, music, dance and theatre, performed by the Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors. The troupe consists of six young PEI Mi’kmaq men and women. The legends presented are based on traditional Mi’kmaq legends. The pace is fast and humour is never far below the surface even in the most harrowing tales. Catch them at the Festival Grounds in Fundy National Park on Aug. 16 at 7:30 pm. |

Alyson Brown

Needle Felting artist Alyson Brown will be teaching a ‘Soap in a Sweater’ workshop as well as a ‘Dryer Ball’ workshop at Rising Tide 2019. She grew up in the tiny community of Markhamville, New Brunswick. Here she chased fairies, roamed the landscape, and created adventure under the tutelage of her big sis, Amy. In her spare time she keeps her fingers busy with knitting needles and her pretty blue guitar. She is often spotted cheering for her three kids in hockey rinks all over New Brunswick while clad in the loveliest handmade items.

Jesse Mea

Musician and teacher Jesse Mea invites you get creative musically, with sound inspirations from nature! His Rising Tide workshop Outdoor Overture is divided in two parts. The first is a trek in nature with a focus on listening and taking notes about the sounds that inspire you. The second part will go over tools to help you create music with these new sound ingredients. There’s a 30-minute lunch break between the two workshop parts. Please bring your own lunch, and your playful spirit!

Emma and Brookie – Art in the Park!

Emma Delaney of Riverview and Brookie Martin of Fredericton are the Friends of Fundy Fine Art Interns from Mount Allison University. They run an artist’s space called The Devil’s Loft: A Makers’ Space upstairs at An Octopus’ Garden Cafe in Alma – the name of the space is a nod to the Devil’s Half Acre area of Fundy National Park, where the earliest inception of the NB College of Craft and Design once stood. Emma and Brookie will be running Art in the Park activities at the Festival Grounds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Rising Tide Festival! They’ve also ingeniously incorporated an artistic element to each of the Rising Tide 2019 community performances, including live painting and a salon style local art exhibition.

Fundy Biosphere Reserve

The UNESCO designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve is a non-profit organization working to promote the sustainable development of the region by enhancing the research and innovation capacity and by creating a forum for various groups to share information, knowledge and best practices. Join their amazing staff at the Festival Grounds during the Rising Tide Festival to make and take home your very own beeswax food wraps so you can eliminate single-use plastics out of your daily routine! |

Wabanaki Tree Spirit Tours & Events

Learn the traditional art of Corn Husk Doll making at Rising Tide 2019 with Wabanaki Tree Spirit Tours & Events. This organization is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of indigenous values through cultural experiences and interactions to create a more harmonious world. |

Stu Murray and Friends

Join Stu Murray and Friends for acro yoga at the Festival Grounds during Rising Tide 2019! Stu Murray is an AcroYoga Certified instructor who will guide us through an exploration of the foundations and fundamentals of acro yoga in a playful yet safe environment. No experience needed – everyone is welcome! Bring a partner or arrive solo, the workshop is sure to challenge you in a new and fun way!

Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood is a Moncton-based photographer interested in photography, film, travel, meeting new people, hearing their stories, learning new things and gaining new perspectives. He has worked in Labrador, Iceland and beyond and will be teaching two workshops at Rising Tide Festival 2019, including a Nature Photograph for Beginners workshop and a Night Photography workshop that is geared towards practicing photographers. |