Q1: Where does the festival take place?

A1: The Rising Tide Festival takes place in Fundy National Park and surrounding communities. The “Festival Grounds” and main stage are under large tents beside the Salt & Fir Centre in Fundy National Park. The Songwriter’s Circle and Molly Kool Women in Song Event take place at the Molly Kool Heritage Centre – just across the bridge from Alma at the very entrance to Fundy National Park. Most of the art workshops take place at the Salt & Fir Centre, except for the Night Photography Workshop and Outdoor Overture, which both take place at the Chignecto Pavilion in Fundy National Park. The East Coast Brass concert takes place at the Art Cafe in Riverside-Albert. Jason Haywood plays at the Albert County Court House at the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape. The Hypochondriacs play at Parkindale Hall in Elgin.

Q2: What is the entry fee to the Rising Tide Festival?

A2: All of the musical concerts during the Rising Tide Festival are free of charge with your entry permit to Fundy National Park (make sure to pick up your festival bracelet when you buy your pass!), with the exception of the Songwriter’s Circle, which costs $15. The Molly Kool Women in Song event and the three community concerts (East Coast Brass at the Art Cafe, Jason Haywood at the Albert County Court House and The Hypochondriacs at Parkindale Hall) will all be accepting a donation of your choice to the Friends of Fundy – proceeds will be reinvested to achieve Park and community goals.

Q3: Where can I buy tickets to the Songwriter’s Circle?

A3: Tickets to the Songwriter’s Circle even are available for resale on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/song-writers-circle-rising-tide-festival-2019-tickets-64401349169 . There will be an additional 20 tickets available the day of the concert on a first come first served basis. To buy one of these ‘day-of’ tickets, go to the Outpost East Gift Shop in the Park Visitor Centre on Saturday, August 17th.

Q4: How do I register for art workshops during the Rising Tide Festival?

A4: Most of the art workshops require pre-registration and some have a participation fee to help cover the costs of material. To register for a workshop, drop into the Headquarters Visitor Centre at Fundy National Park or get in touch with Park staff at 506-887-6000 or pc.fundy.pc@canada.ca. For the select workshops that require a materials fee, bring cash and be prepared to pay the artist or facilitator directly.